Music brings people together on Tulsa real estate at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame. Detailing the evolution of the jazz musical movement, the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame pays tribute to past and current musicians. Located in Tulsa’s Old Union Depot, history is rich and plentiful. A mix of jazz, blues, and gospel highlights are celebrated in the building.

Visitors learn that the early days of jazz traces back to ragtime and folk songs. In the Great Depression, traveling jazz bands readily brought smiles to reluctant faces. The Swing and Bebop Eras of the music followed eventually evolving into the modern eclectic mix of sounds.

Music And Merrymaking Go Hand In Hand On Tulsa Property

With a mission of “ Creating Unity Through Music” the institution proudly offers a variety of special events and projects.  Local school children in the Tulsa real estate community benefit from educational programs. The calendar is filled with an educational line up featuring workshops, master classes, and performance opportunities. 

Special events bring lively jazz music to the forefront. The Sunday Concert Series occurs weekly from 4 to 7:30 p.m. And on Friday afternoons, toes are tapping with Jazzwich. This ongoing feature stars local musicians from 11:30 am. To 1 p.m. Those in attendance can eat lunch on the Tulsa property by bringing their own or purchasing items from onsite food trucks. Both events are free to attend.

There’s always a lively vibe at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall Of Fame. The doors are open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Stop in and let the music touch your soul.