Tulsa property is brightly filled with color at the Tulsa Garden Center. Fragrant gardens flourish in the spring and summer months, making this an ideal time to visit. Open to the public Tuesdays through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., there is no cost to stroll about and admire the grounds.

Guests cross the rustic wooden bridge into the Azalea Garden. Here shades of pinks, violets, and blues appeal to the senses. Paths wind around ponds and through wooded areas on this part of Tulsa real estate. In the rock garden delicate blooms intermix with limestone rocks. A picturesque lake creates feelings of serenity within those wandering about. The Herb Garden inspires folks with a love of cooking. Time spent here often leads to attempts of new culinary creations. Take time to smell the roses in their very own garden. Roses are romantic. In this space their vibrant color brightens the surrounding landscape.

Green Thumbs Are Nurtured On Tulsa Real Estate

A variety of classes are often held on this Tulsa property for youth and adults. Children’s programs encourage a love of nature and early gardening skills. Popular events include Little Green Thumbs and Storytime In The Garden. The monthly Garden Center Library Book Club appeals to adult readers who favor a green thumb. More information can be gathered about upcoming events by calling 918.576.5155.